Difference Between God Shiva And Deity Shankar

God Shiva and Deity Shankar came to be presumed as one. But There is a subtle difference between the Supreme Soul Shiva and Shankar the deity

Shiva the Supreme is:

1. Supreme Soul .

2. Incorporeal point of light.

3. Worshipped in the oval or egg-shaped form of the Shivalinga.

4. Worshipped as the Supreme Father of all deities and of Rama and Krishna.

5.  We Always say “Satyam Shivam Sundaram”  means Satya hi shiv hai . God is Truth.

6.   ” Om Namah Shivay..”    the great redeeming mantra.

7.   Known as Trimurti, the creator of the three subtle deities — Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar.

8.  The three lines marked on the Shivalinga symbolise His triple characteristics of Trimurti:

  • i. Trinetri — the one with the third eye of wisdom .
  • ii. Trikaldarshi — the one who sees the three aspects of time.
  • iii.  Trilokinath — the lord of three worlds.

9.  Shiva is also known as Shambhu or Swayambhu and Sadashiva meaning that Shiva is the eternal Soul who has no creator above Him.

10 . Sanskrit meaning:

शिव ziva adj. bliss
शिव ziva adj. favourable
शिव ziva adj. gracious
शिव ziva adj. benign
शिव ziva adj. kind
शिव ziva adj. friendly
शिव ziva adj. benignant

Shankar the Deity :

1. Shankar has a human form residing in the subtle world region called Sankarpuri..

2. he is responsible for destruction of the old world order.

3. In some paintings and sculptures, Shankar is shown meditating in front of the Shiva Linga, which also indicates that the two are different from each other.

The festival of Shivratri symbolises the divine incarnation of Shiva on this earth. The night indicates the moral degradation in souls that sets in due to the ignorance in this world. The true fasting (upvaas plus close company) on Shivratri is that we link our intellect with Shiva and stay in His company. The true Jagran or awakening means to awaken from the slumber of ignorance and to protect the self from the negative influence of vices such as lust, anger, greed and ego. Absolute formless God, Sadashiva appeared in the form of Lingodbhav Moorti exactly at midnight on Shivratri. With all this insight into the Supreme Soul Shiva, let us all celebrate Shivratri and know its spiritual significance.




6 thoughts on “Difference Between God Shiva And Deity Shankar

  1. Louisa Grande February 22, 2012 at 11:18 AM Reply

    Your blog is very cherished. Thank the author so much for presenting a much of Beneficial website.

  2. ishita November 14, 2012 at 10:44 AM Reply

    i really thank you for giving so benificial knowledge.

    • bkindia November 14, 2012 at 10:34 PM Reply


  3. sunil December 6, 2013 at 4:47 PM Reply

    Thank you for this knowledge. I always wonder why shankar meditates the supreme being, then later i came to know that they are different.
    my question is there is no doubt that shiva is the ultimate god he is the father of all souls. nirakaar, sampoorna nirvikari, sada kalyankari, rachayeta of all but who is shankar? Is he a just a belief for meditation.
    secondly both brahma and shankar meditates but vishnu does not may be he symbolises the devata swaroop the complete. it may be the result of final prapti

  4. sunil December 6, 2013 at 4:53 PM Reply

    please share some divine knowledge about the trimurthy.
    after a long awaiting and praising through wrong medium and practices we lost our ultimate father shiva. Now it our duty to be well inculcated with his divine knowledge, please share knowledge so that a better picture may be presented to all our lost brothers and sisters before we go to our final home.

  5. sunil December 6, 2013 at 4:59 PM Reply

    people often asked me we have a picture of shankar with snake around his neck. i was not able to give answer to his questions. i would like to know what does that symbolises? what about the poison? shankar is portrayed as an angry deity what does this mean in gyan? thank you for answering.

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